Strategic Market Plan for Digital Crayon Pen and Writing Pads for

Strategic Market Plan for Digital Crayon Pen and Writing Pads for Children






Strategic Market Plan for Digital Crayons and Writing Pads for Children

Identifying the appropriate product to sell in the market can be challenging for entrepreneurs because many internal and external factors come into play. An entrepreneur has to be keen and critical because it is the core of the business and influences all actions henceforth. A strategic market plan also plays a vital role in selling the product to customers. It allows businesses to identify the business objectives, market sector of interest, target audience, and an evaluation of business performance. A strategic plan enables an organization to concentrate its scarce resources on productive opportunities, thus increasing sales and improving its overall performance. Therefore, it is essential to determine a strategic market plan to identify a market niche and competition level before establishing and settling for a product to sell. I chose a digital multi-color crayon pen accompanied by their pads for this project because of their scarcity in the market. This paper will discuss the multi-color crayon pen and pad, the strategic market plan, and its implications to the new business.

I chose this product because of the niche created in the market. Technological innovations have become part of our lives in the modern world. Nearly all fields, including learning institutions, have gone digital in facilitating learning and carrying out all its other operations. Parents have embraced gadgets like tablets and phones in parenting to allow for easy understanding and increased knowledge base for their children (Shi, 2021). In the current world, children are permitted to use these gadgets with pre-set parental control and supervision to ensure they are exposed to the appropriate content to help them grow. The idea to create and sell digitalized crayons is not popular hence decreasing competition levels in the market. Tablets and phones are the far digitalized materials for children have gone.

This product enhances creativity and allows children to interact with technology in the most creative and informative way possible. It is simple and easy to use, thus giving children ample time more fun drawing their favorite arts and a learning experience at the same time. The digitized crayon pen comes with a notepad on which children scribble their drawings and arts. Various colors are displayed on the pad, and the crayon pen is used to select one and draw with it automatically. A user can change colors depending on their preference by clicking the color tab that displays a wide range of colors. The two gadgets have long-lasting batteries and are chargeable with electricity, making them convenient indoors and outdoors. It has a waterproof cover to prevent damage if it comes into contact with liquids. The digitized crayon pen can also be sued by grown-ups passionate about arts who would like to perfect their drawing skills as beginners in the field. They can determine the colors that blend perfectly and learn to draw challenging pieces before using the actual canvas.

It is vital to have a mission statement as an entrepreneur because it guides the business and provides a high-level purpose for their respective product. The mission statement for my product is ‘enhancing children’s creativity and fun through technology.’ This statement sums up the purpose of the business. With suitable advertisements channels and affordable prices, the product will capture the attention of many people, especially parents to children below the age of ten, and gain popularity steadily. The strategies established to guide the business will ensure that it serves its customers appropriately, compete favorably, and maintain relevance in the market for its lifetime (Gurler, 2021). Since the product is new in the market, it is essential to familiarize people with it and how it works. For this reason, I will set up a sampling station right in front of my business and give interested customers and show them how it works. This action will attract more curious customers to the store and prompt them to buy one for themselves or their children.

Additionally, I will create leaflets and flyers to welcome shoppers to the product’s launch day and inform them what it entails and how it works. This aspect will spread information regarding the product to a larger audience and draw them to the store. I will also create a website and digital official business pages on all social media platforms as a marketing strategy. The platforms will contain various versions and colors of the product, their respective prices, importance, purpose, and videos demonstrating how it works. I also intend to introduce discounts and offers on specific products to encourage more customers to buy digitized crayon pens. Introducing small prizes to be won with each purchase made will also push many customers to invest in the gadgets and refer their friends and families (Schiavone & Simoni, 2019). This action will be advantageous for the business because it will increase its sales, resulting in increased profits and performance improvement. However, this strategy is quite tricky because it increases business costs. Therefore, it is essential to offset the sales and expenses as far as discounts and prizes are concerned to ensure the business does not strain financially.

The objective for this business is to popularize the product and double sales from when it begins in a span of one year. I will measure the success of my sales objective through monthly recurring revenue and customer lifetime value. On the other hand, I will measure the product’s popularity in the market using customer satisfaction score, customer retention rate, and the number of new customers recorded monthly (Chernev, 2018). The number of employees will be limited because the product does not need the service of many employees and to cut down on operational costs. Based on the calculations and estimation of monthly sales, the objective of the business is realistic and achievable.

My target market for the digitized crayon pen is parents to children below the age of ten and beginner artists who have just ventured into the art world and would like to perfect their drawing skills. Kids are the primary users of this gadget, hence focusing on parents as the target market. Parents with children with disabilities are also a target for this product since they are trying to improve their activity and brain development altogether.

The competition for this product is the traditional crayon pencil sellers. They have dominated the market for the longest time and already have the popularity advantage. Traditional pencil crayons are the most common form of drawing pencils in the market. They are affordable and effective in helping children learn colors and enhance their drawing skills. They are a tough competition because parents prefer tools, they are familiar with for their children. However, this market sector continues to grow as technological advancements are made. Most parents and learning institutions are shifting to advanced gadgets and toys for their children and students, respectively (Hanlon, 2021). This market trend favors this new business because it aligns with the technological advancement desired by modern parents. Moreover, the product captures the attention of artists, who are a new audience in this sector.

The digitized crayon pen is innovative because it eliminates the challenge of carrying cumbersome crayon pieces for children. Since it’s metallic and rubber-coated, it is safe for children’s use and acts as a solution to the breakage issue of traditional crayon pens. Parents no longer have to sharpen crayon pens or buy new ones because of breakage. The pen also comes in different colors and cartoon shapes to familiarize a child with its functionality. This product is also unique because it exposes a child to a wide range of colors compared to the regular crayon pens, thus expanding their knowledge base of colors. The use of the pen on digitized notepads exposes children to technology at an early age such that they don’t struggle to fit in the new technological era as they grow up.

The ethical implication likely to affect the marketing process of the digitized crayon pen is gifts and gratitude to customers. This action may come out as immoral because it may imply bribery to customers to come back again for the next purchase. The second implication is selective marketing. The marketing strategies employed by the business may exclude certain groups of people unintentionally hence being categorized as unethical. The product focuses on children, parents, and artists. Other people who might find the product interesting may feel locked out and not considered. This aspect eventually comes out as unethical. Finally, there is unethical data collection. Client information is crucial for the success of any organization. The business intends to use purchase and store frequency to determine customer preference (Lee & Lee, 2020). This information proves essential as it helps the business determine preferred colors, sizes, and cartoon shapes of the pen. Since there is a fine line between voluntary information and overstepping, this might be perceived as unethical data collection.

The business also incorporates the Integrated Marketing Communication, IMC approach to satisfy their customers, retain them and attract new ones. When it comes to marketing of the product, social media platforms will prove essential to the business. The business will pay for ads in different social media platforms so that they item plus a detailed description of how it works, prices, contacts and store location will be shown to users of the respective platforms. The effectiveness of the advertisement channel will be measured by the number of new customers registered monthly, sales and profit margins from referees to the business. when it comes to pricing the theory of pricing will apply (Chernev, 2018). The theory states that the price of a commodity depends on the relationship between the supply and demand of a product. Since the product is new in the market its pricing will be based on the production cost and customer interest.

Since the target market is parents, the prices should be affordable to avoid financial strain. Traditional crayons seller, my competitors sell their products at a much cheaper price because of their low production cost. Other strategies like discounts and open days every month will help the business compete favorably, maintain relevance and eventually rise above its competitors (Schiavone & Simoni, 2019). In terms of customer relationship, the business intends to store customer information for future references to give them a sense of belonging. Additionally, the employees have been trained to handle customers politely and assist them in finding the pen of their liking. These strategies incorporated by the business will guarantee increased sales, improved performance and relevance in the market.


It is undeniable that introducing a new product to the market can be quite challenging and costly. It requires a lot of patience and resilience from an entrepreneur as a good reception of the product is not guaranteed. Entrepreneurs employ different strategies to make the product known and it gradually picks up from there. With the right measures in place and a market niche identified accurately a new product is likely to thrive and overtake its competitors. New firms should also consider incorporating the Integrated Marketing Communication approach to give the firm perspective and directions that will lead to its success.


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