Strategic Marketing

Most organisations offer more than one product or service.

The advantage here is that the various products – the product portfolio – can be managed so that they are not all in the same phase in their life cycles. Having products evenly spread across life cycles allows for the most efficient use of both cash and human resources.”

Hollensen, S. (2015) Marketing Management: A Relationship Approach. 3rd ed. Harlow Pearson p257. – Use 2 models on one company – 30-40% of the essay looking at what is product portfolio management (PPM) is, why companies use it and then look at 2 models (Boston Consulting Group General Electric Multifactor Model Shell Directional Policy Matrix Arthur D Little) -focus on product portfolio management, and remember to critique the PPM models to show the limitations of the BCG – apply PPM models to a company and then analyse the result (have they got too many cash cows and not enough stars? what action should they take..etc – in the early part of essay be clear about why PPM was developed e.g. allocate resources – use academic sources to support your work – you have includes 3 models so be sure to explore how the models different use data you to construct the BCG for the company (diagram) what are the criticisms of BCG that led to other models being developed. recommendation and conclusion

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