Strategic Plan on Gun Violence

Strategic Plan on Gun Violence

AbstractGang violence has been on the rise since the middle of the 20th century and poses great challenges for younger generation of US. Every state of the country has reported similar gang issues in schools and high schools resulting in drastic raisein past 5 to 7 years (Howell, 2010). This steady growth and increase in the trend of gang violence calls for immediate attention and research into the problem. There is very little information available with regards to the actual dynamics that cause gang violence and intervention techniques to deal with them in an effective manner. This signature assignment focuses on developing a pilot study for improving the gang violence awareness through development of well-organized courses in online awareness and leadership skills for the at- risk students to create a positive online culture.

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Environmental Scans………………………………………………………………………………9

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Executive Summary

April 24, 2012, the top-ranked school districts annual Digital School Districts Survey by e.Republic’s Center for Digital Education, the National School Boards Association (NSBA).The survey showcases exemplary school boards’ and districts’ use of technology to govern the district, communicate with students, parents and the community and to improve district operations. This website was a good place to my research. The Western Association of Schools and Colleges, (WASC) 2012 district’s parent and student surveys in mind while creating the pilot test and signature assignments that accompany the TCP. I also, interviewed with 8-12 grade student’s to find what they want and need in technology. After previous data collection of the WASC findings, researching technology trends, including student feedback the various political factors to create my TCP with ongoing data.

Mission Statement

one. Mission

We ensure that ALL students attain the skills and confidence to make a positive difference and thrive in our ever- changing world.

Vision Statement

One. Vision

We maintain high expectations and an academic focus that is rigorous, relevant, and founded on relationships. We inspire and empower our students to be tomorrow’s leaders. They are innovative thinkers who transcend boundaries to achieve the extraordinary. They are resilient and self- aware, able to overcome all obstacles in their pursuit of excellence.Our students have a strong sense of self-worth and value working with others to make miracles occur.

The Community Schools program uses an integrated, thematic approach to instruction. Lessons, assignments, and projects are centered on quarterly themes that bring continuity to the learning experience. Students complete grade appropriate, standards-basedacademic courses and work on basic skills to complete requirements or earn high school credits. Educational strategies are highly interactive, and are both process and product oriented in the classroom.

The program enables students to become productive members of the community by providing quality learning opportunities. Students develop an appreciation of self and others, individual talents, critical thinking and problem solving skills, workforce readiness, and complete a course of study resulting in a high school diploma, Certificate of Completion, CHSPE or GED.

The population of the community school programs is comprised of students on parent referral, and/or students who have been expelled, are on probation or are homeless. Many students have also been referred through the Student Attendance Review Board (SARB) process.

Community schools are located in leased commercial properties and in eight county-owned school buildings. These school sites are located throughout the county in order to serve the students directly in the communities in which they live. The largest sites accommodate up to 100 students and the smallest site serves 20 students.

Students in the community schools are in grades K-12 and come from a variety of academic, ethnic, social, and emotional backgrounds. Teachers incorporate lifeskills and the concept of one., as well as California State Content Standards in their teaching. Two sites serve grades K-6 exclusively. The diversity of students and locations is unified through the one.Program’s curriculum, methods of assessment, mission, program beliefs, vision and values statements program ethics, and the guiding philosophy of one.

The one.Program staff is comprised of teachers, counselors, a school nurse, clerical support, maintenance staff, technology staff, WorkAbility staff, and administrators. All employees are “teachers of students,” and are active in activities such as quests, congresses, career fairs, athletic events, and extended educational opportunities.

Problem Stated

The at-risk youth need a foundation in leadership & gang awareness skills through creating a positive online learning culture to increase the high school student success. The at–risk youth includes the incarcerated offenders, troubled teens, and youth exposed to violence.

Current Situations

The current situations for the youth who serve time in the juvenile justice system are released to resume their lives in their communities, they to return to their schools and interact with their peers without the needed skills to become successful. The statistics show, a large number of youth offenders end up back in the system where they started.The at-risk youth need the tools to become successful in their communities.

Current Culture

The current culture in alternative education and court classrooms; The Probation department is hard to change their already formed minds. My districts office is okay with the current culture of technology in the classrooms, as long as it is within the law. Since my classroom is in the jail my office wants to make sure that follow court and state orders. The teachers are unsure of new technology, so they do not embrace it. Once the teachers are trained the technology issues will dissipate. Prior history in online learning does not exist in my district. The changes will take us into the future and online learning environment that is safe for the studentsuccess.

Desired State

Some of the indicators of success are defined as high school completion, gainful employment, and all stakeholders working in a collaborative effort for the benefit of the student success. Stakeholders include parents, care givers, alternative education teachers, students, and the juvenile department. The student success leads to greater opportunities in life after their incarceration. This will also, Increase level of self-esteem when students are given positive learning environments.The skills will create a positive online learning environment and the at-risk youth gain the job readiness skills that are needed.

Organization Structure & Support

Director “A”

Ally &Confidant


Joanne Sawyer-Team Leader and information gather for online line learning. I put his team together so I will be the team lead. I am a teacher the other members are too. Now, I am thinking about adding a non-teacher to the team to create a balance of individuals. With only four members it is hard to find diversity, but we do have a teacher that is second language learner perspective. I will use the (Chermack, 2011), thinking hats for team collaborations needed. The team members are allies and confidants; this makes it easy to trust each other.

Kelly- will be the project coordinator and give updates of the projected timeline. This person is good with enforcing dates.The greenhats have the most creativity in the team.

Terri- gathers the attendance reports at each school site. The black hat point of view is a person that bases their on a prior had bad decisions.

Jason-information gathers for distance learning. The blue hat wants control of the situation.

Tammy- note taker and researcher.She shares the creative hat with Kelly.

Director-“A” is the facilitator of team. Director “A” is the reporter for the online project updates to the superintendent review board. Some teacher complain that this director is a bully, After reading Building teams, building people 2005, I do not see the director as a bully. Maybe it is because I read the chapter on dealing with difficult people. The director has been assigned to the task, because she sees a goal for the students and moves forward to accomplish the goal. She is all about the students. I am happy to work with her.

I have matched the team members based on their talents, this should help create a balanced team and completing the project should be easy based the members positive attributes. If the team needs to change roles it will be discussed at the meeting. (Lencioni, 2002)

Environmental Scans

Internal Environmental Scan- Required Initiatives

The at-risk youth need a foundation in leadership and gang awareness skills through creating a positive online learning culture in-order to increase the high school student success. Since the at-risk youth has not been successful in the traditional high school setting, the online learning goes hand-in-hand with the San Joaquin County’s Office of Education Alternative Education Programs.

Once the online courses are implemented students will take leadership skills and gang awareness as electives for graduation. In addition, the courses will be used as a tool to create a positive culture through online learning environment with the new technology upgrades. These online courses give parents the safety they want for their non-gang students that are mixed in school with the gang students.

Interested teachers will be trained for online teaching and learning at the district’s office at an in-service day the summer preceding implementation of courses. Training the teacher before the courses start benefits both teacher and students receive the best from the trained teacher.

After taking this course online the students will be able to open doors to the online learning community and feel confident to succeed. This technology change driver helps with the global communications that students needed in today’s advanced society. Students will also, become prepared for the changing world of technology. Students will become familiar with the online education learning environment.

Learning Management Tool for example, Blackboard to communicate with parents, other teachers and help students with the evolving academic world. With this technology the teachers, parents, and students can communicate frequently before the student fails. The at-risk youth needs the positive parent -teacher interactions to become successful in school.

My research design and data collection will take place by creating a polite study or action research to test course content and the student usage. Collected data will be in the form of student surveys, and journals review. The online students will be assessed by weekly assignments and their signature project on gang awareness that will be presented to the class.

The current budget is always a factor in most districts; my district has the funding, so we are opening a charter school to start the online learning. Students will have to option this school year of online or the traditional face to face classes. My TCP saves money.

My community and culture comes from the probation office and my district’s office that is not located in the juvenile facility. The district is open to the technology, but probation is not as open because there are students that no contact orders, and cannot be on the internet until after their court case. To stop this issue we could wait until a student goes to court, and then get a court order for that student to participate in the online courses.


External Environmental Scan

There are many needs for student success, but this is my focus;


Full online learning training for teachers.

Budget for electronic devices and training.

Updates needed in the district.

Data analysis for the external environmental scan comes from the following Strategic planning, pilot study, surveys from teachers, staff, and students. The interviews are from students only. When I started the TCP I include previous Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WACS) accreditation suggestions and findings from the previous school year.

The internals environmental scan factors has different data gathered;

1. Gang awareness & leadership skills needed for at-risk youth.

2. Technology in the classrooms for teachers and incarcerated youth is needed.

3. Major culture change for all stakeholders.


My expected completion of TCP study in two semesters or more if needed. The focus is skills to improve student success, in the form of online learning and gang awareness. The study is to find out if there is a need or interest in online education. I kept this question in mind when reflecting on my TCP or completing an assignment. Will stakeholders embrace the change?

SWOT Analysis

A SWOT analysis was conducted of the alternative education this includes incarcerated youth and the need for online learning and to create a positive learning environment. The positive online learning can be completed through training in gang awareness and leadership skills; the SWOT was created to determine the strengths, weakness, opportunities and possible threats with the at-risk youth in the alternative education in the youth facility and how it relates to the umbrella of initiatives and my TCP project in the future.

Analysis of Technology

With technology the students can take their learning across cultural boundaries.

Students and teachers communicate with ease.

Parents have the 24/7 access to be involved in their students learning at any time. This put responsibility on the student and parent, not teacher. This saves the educator time in posting assignments and grades. Students or parents could look when they feel it is necessary.

Teachers will be able to model their lessons more effectively to the entire class. This is true for all students especially for the English language Learners in my classes.

Technology is an improvement for all subjects and the common core standards that my district is placing into effect 2014 school year.

Students will become prepared for the changing world of technology. Including being prepared for an online education. The data shows defined trends.

After the technology analysis and data gathering, I started to see possible obstructions for the implementing technology in the classrooms;

My staff daily staff is different, and they do not know what to do with the technology.

Teachers are positive and negative. The positive teachers want to start immediately without checking with the institution’s rules. This could lead to the technology being taken away. The negative teachers put their I PAD’S in the draw and closet it; they do not want student using technology.

Probation staff does not want to responsible for what happens with technology, so they vote no on the subject.

Juvenile facility has their rules and regulations that must be followed.

My district’s rules and regulations also. Between the facility and my district it put me in the middle of bothorganizations. I do not want to make waves on either sided or my technology could be gone before I get it.

The jail is not top priority for technology.

Some say, that the money is not there for technology. My district has a large technology grant to use this school year and next school year.

ResultsThis school year the I PADS checked out to students at a different school sites. The technology is used interactivity, students use the online textbooks, and they turn in daily assignments.

Learning system in progress. It planned to start next school year the technology department is responsible to fill this need of our program. I plan to be on this board this summer to help with the process.

Without this change my students would lack the skills they need to be successful in school and their communities’ after their imprisonment. Most job applications are online and not in the store. Technology is imperative for my student’s success.

Pilot Test

The scope the scope of this project; is to increase student attendance through technology engagement ant school. My plan is to develop online learning skills to create a positive school culture at all the alternative education schools sites. I used 12th, 11th and 10th grades and teachers at my school site for the pilot study. The student population is with reoccurring students in the jail 50%. The pilot population of incarcerated youth will be tested for the startup of the phase my TCP. The TCP is ongoing each school year. This major transformational trend affects the district, teachers, students, parents and support staff.

The pilot study is in progress. Not much data until pilot test completed in 6 months. The possible course correction is changing the online format, if students may not like the educational technology. My alternative education district may need to make changes to the professional development program, to train all stakeholders vested in student success.

Political Implications for the classroom most likely the state budget is always a factor when planning for technology in school. The district has a technology grant each year. I am pulled between the faculty and probation departments. The teacher’s questions are for the union regarding stipends for the overflow of students, there is not an answer yet. Some teachers fight the change of anything new in the classrooms.

Strategic Initiatives and Objectives

Strategic Objectives


S-Expected level of student success to increase, this will correlate with the increased skills and in graduation rates.

M- Lower rates of recidivism in the facility. Whit the gang awareness and leadership skills students will less likely to return to the jail, because they will be employable.

A- The goal is attainable for teacher & student.

R- Results are rigorous & aligned to TCP, if not stop and course correction.

T-Two semesters to complete is not enough time, six months if needed.

This technology change driver helps with the global communications that students needed in today’s advanced society. Students will also, become prepared for the changing world of technology.

Initiatives and Action Plans update from 755 new questions

I selected two initiatives for my pilot study that will help my student’s succeeded in their communities after their incarceration. The first initiate is technology for at-risk students. The part of technology is defined as, online courses in gang awareness and leadership though I- pads in the classrooms. Currently upgrades are needed in the schools and juvenile facilities to use the technology in all classrooms.

The second initiative is gang awareness & leadership skills to be taught online in the alternative education program. The credits will be applied as a gradation tool. Starting in the 9th grade the students will earn Elective credits. Parents, teachers and students feel safer if students start taking online classes.

My stated problem and initiatives have not been explored in my district; the online learning community is new to most districts. The possible barriers are the three very different offices working together with different budgets and goals. The offices described are probation, juvenile hall facilities, and my district office. I am in the middle of three offices as a teacher in alternative education, in youth facility. I attend all meeting for each department.


Latest research shows that development of reinforcing and encouraging culture for the youth with the help of positive online learning culture in classroom and schools will not only benefit the community but will also provide for alternative educational programs globally. Increasing trend of gang issues in the country calls for additional courses in gang awareness and improved leadership skills. For successful development of students in the state or district it is extremely important to introduce an online course for safer contacts and links in online learning community. Introduction of these online programs will promote a positive culture in school through increased number of enrollment and improved performance of students along with reduced incidents or elimination of any gang related issues or interaction at schools which not only cause security issues for students but also for the teachers. This pilot study will also help the surrounding community and parents of the students to get well aware of the safety guidelines with regards to gang issues and provides students with necessary leadership qualities and skills in order to take an active role in fight the gang problems in the communities. Authors suggest that it is difficult to grow and develop when living in poverty as low socio economic status has been often connected to the well-being of both children and adolescents (Beauvais & Jensen 2003; Evans 2004; Hawkins et. al., 2000). But this does not mean that a poor child will remain unable to develop or succeed in life as there are other additional factors in the surrounding are more important for making and helping a child remain resilient and strong in the face of such challenges and issues (Caughy et al., 1999; Henderson &Mapp, 2002, Scales et al., 2005).

Few authors suggest that technology is one of the most important ways of creating positive online culture and for that the schools will have to upgrade their existing methods of technology and make it more interactive with the help of latest tools and gadgets. Virtual field trips provide students with an amazing experience to learn in an effective manner as student can easily participate in education with the help of those platform and facilities that are normally unavailable in classrooms. Introduction of I pads in school will enhance the overall learning experience of students as they will be able to leave the classrooms virtually and interact with their peers with the help of discussion boards and forums (Tenkely, 2013). Students must be provided with adequate training for using the Ipads and must be made to do a course in gang problem awareness and leadership skills which should also be an important part of their overall grading process so that students take it seriously.

Action Plan

The time commitment for this pilot study will continue after district’s approval and continuing to meet throughout this summer. The team will meet over next four months to prepare information and present with the technology department to the superintendent’s board and the district’s superintendent summer. After presenting information, with approval from all departments the online courses will be developed before the 2014/2015 school year the pilot is to test the population to see if students and teachers will use the technology.

The scope of this pilot project; is to increase student attendance, and development online learning skills to create a positive school culture at all schools sites. This major transformational change affects the district, teachers, students, and support staff.

I started with the (WASC) 2012 district’s parent and student surveys. Since the findings informed the teachers and staff that students and parents want technology in classroom, not just homework help. Next, I also spoke with the student’s to find what they want and needed from technology department. Most students do not know what is available for them from the department. Interviews were given to all 100 teachers and probation staff, through survey monkey they want is to increase student attendance through technology engagement. I want to increase student development online learning skills to create a positive school culture at all schools sites. I used 12th, 11th and 10th grades to give pilot study the population with 50% reoffending students. There are mostly 125 students in the facility at any given time.

Developing Response Options

Once the problem has been identified it is time to come up with possible solution and reactions and list them. It is suggested that the response list must be as wide as possible and no alternative solution must be eliminated at this stage. In case of school following response strategies can be undertaken such as concentrate on the smaller number of students or persons who are responsible directly or indirectly for the gang issues such as offenders, controllers or guardians and victims. Then it is also important to get connected with the authorities of government or private for referral to the gang issues. Then the next most important state is that of communicating important information and educating those affected by it such as students, teachers, and parents. The community must be made well aware bout this gang issue so that they are able to deal with it on their own through effective leadership skills (Goldstein, 1990). It has been suggested that even in case where the interventions are clear, there is crucial need for strong leadership which in this case can be the school management and teachers who can mentor and lead the students. A program coordinator can also lead the course or educational program for effective implementation. (U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, 1991). Some of the important response strategies are prevention, suppression and interventions.

Prevention can be of two types that are primary and secondary. The primary prevention focus on the entire community that has high rates of gang influence which in this case is entire school, while secondary prevention focus on the risk factor affecting the majority of student in school and their families at large. In this case the secondary prevention is more important as it will particularly target the youth of school that are not affected by gang influence as yet but at highest risk (Mukasey et al, 2007). Wyrick has suggested for three important elements for secondary prevention that are alternatives to gang membership, support system of teachers, family, community and accountability of students (Wyrick, 2006). These students must be involved in other productive activities and must be made to hang around with better role models. Interventions on the other hand are the programs and preventions strategies combined such as online learning program for gang awareness with the help of Ipads in this case is going to be undertaken (Arciaga et al., 2010).

The above mentioned discussion shows that the development of useful intervention and preventive techniques must be dependent upon the problems statement and school management must avoid the tendency to get too involved in the details or step of the program that they lose focus of the actual problem. Response strategies must be related to resolution of the problem and analysis of the situation. Response strategies can be altered with regards to the need of the situation. On the other hand assessment of the problems must be measured on before and after situation of the response strategies or interventions. My pilot study is not complete but off to a good start. I hope to have the student complete before the next school year.


My district, region and site collaboration meetings we have numerous meetings that I can take a few minutes with a safe environment to discuss finding where we lack as a district. This should help grow and not penalize any parties involved, on either side. Only with open minded stakeholder this technology transformation will be completed and the student will gain the necessary skills to them develop academically. With the data gather, pilot study, and analysis and the strategic plan I can use the findings to help my TCP is a positive plan of completion.

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