Strategic Planning in Information Technology

 Specifying the topic to be researched with an added statement for what you intend to convey. In other words, “Tell me what you are going to tell me!” Include a second paragraph in the final abstarct section explaining how the research was conducted (what specific tools, databases, etc. were used, how useful were these tools, keywords used, etc.) This paper will be evaluated not only for content but on grammar (use your spell check and grammar check). Technical Instructions The Keiser Collegiate System Net Library will be employed for this research. Please do NOT use Sources other than those found through the Keiser Net Library.Use only Peer Reviewed Academic journals. You may also use trade journal articles from CMP Publishing (Computerworld, Information Week, etc.). Please click on the “Library Link” located under the “Course Home” tab and follow the instructions for using LIRN –“A group of databases useful for searching for full text and abstracts of magazine and newspaper articles. Includes access to the E-Library; InfoTrac; and ProQuest Direct databases.” Once you have logged onto LIRN, you will see a selection of five different online research tools. I would suggest that you use INFOTRAC and/or PROQUEST. When using PROQUEST, check only those databases that apply to your research area, for example, leaving “Children’s Module” checked will yield little information on IT. Use key words for your searches from the text book, for example, “managing human resources” and “technology” taken from chapter 9. Also, use advanced searches when possible and select “full text” as your results option as abstracts alone will not suffice for citation requirements.