Student To A Car Wash Owner

Student To A Car Wash Owner


I live in Vienna city in Austria and my story dates back to May 2008 just after I graduated from my 12th grade. It was then that I applied for a web designing program at my local college. Every other summer before the summer of May 2008, I used to work in my father’s business; however, for this one I decided not to work but to study for my papers that were due in the near future. I am not the kind of person who idle. I had an existing tight schedule: in the morning I had lecturers, after that I had lunch with friends. It was during this time that we left our cars to be washed at the nearest car. Later in the afternoon I joined my father in serving his customers in his busy business. However, since I had no place in the family business, I felt like I was not in the right place and that I was wasting my time.

A few weeks into summer, I became completely fed up and worn out with what I was doing. I vividly remember well but it was on this very mid-afternoon that the idea of opening my own car wash crisscrossed my mind. It was at this very time when I was going to the car wash. My friends had already arrived at the place. When I arrived there I asked the manager to join us for lunch. He felt obliged and could not decline since we were his loyal customers. During lunch I started to ask the manager everything about the car wash business. Fortunately, he was happy to answer my questions without hesitation since we were his regular clients. Consequently, within an hour or so, I knew almost everything about the car wash business.

However, the outlines of the idea were forming clearly in my head; it was going to be a car wash with a bar where people would have drinks as they waited for their cars to be washed. It seemed perfect and ideal as the only car wash available was barely hospitable.

Now, I only had to find the right place. I found a perfect spot which had a 50 square meter parking space and a well nearby. The well was particularly strategic as it meant, I would not be spending any money on water supply. In addition, the building was close to the city center and was currently of no particular use to my father. I proposed the idea during dinner it was embraced warmly with assurance of support from my parents. This saw my idea thrive and a big modern car wash emerged that accommodated all people.

Remaining focused and goal oriented are what saw my turning point from a student to a car wash owner. These are the same skills that I use in my web designing activities. Programming and designing of websites is not a cheap activity. The web designing application requires skinning among other activities that involve breaking and assembling of images that at times become difficult to code. They demoralize but I do not quit. I take that as an opportunity to improve my skills and increase my expertise in collecting data that helps me with the programming, (Holter 1).


In conclusion, I am thankful to have had the opportunity to contribute to the world of web design a small piece, but integral nonetheless. Completion of my final project at my college left me with the sense of stability and triumph that ensued from my mind being keenly motivated and on the main task. This is exactly how I felt when I saw my car wash flourish and win contracts with major companies in my city.

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