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Students’ Pets Report

The interview was conducted via the phone using text messages since the interviewees; Citlaly Ibarra, John Lara, and Alyssa River-Carpio and I are good friends, schooling at the same institution. The interview was in line with our assignment regarding the students’ pets. All the interviewees have dogs as pets. Citlaly Ibarra has three dogs; Princess, Bella, and Murph. The three dogs are of different breeds; Princess is a mixed poodle, Bella a border Collie mix while Murph is a pure yellow lab. Princess is a small dog, Bella is medium, and Murph is a puppy. John Lara on the hand has two dogs as pets, Lexi and Davina. Lexi is a German Shepherd breed while Davina is a blue nose pit bull. Both are big dogs. Alyssa has two dogs as well, Apollo and Maya. They are of two different breeds with Apollo being a miniature schnauzer while Maya is a Yorkie poodle. The two dogs are small in size.

The pets are known to provide security despite their primary reason for being kept being pets. Ibarra says that the dogs are not guarding dogs as they are always inside the house, but they do bark when people get as far as the front lawn, and therefore, they provide security as well. Lara on the other hand primarily agrees that the dogs provide security as he doesn’t feel secure enough in the house and besides he uses the dogs as player partners. Alyssa on the other hand as well agrees that her dogs provide security as one of her pets, Apollo is more of a security dog. All the dogs provide security, and the interviewees agreed that the dogs alert them in case they sense something. Doesn’t matter the age of the dog, but all of them including the young ones have their way of alerting their owners either by barking or growling. The dogs sniff and identify strangers or intruders into the house or homestead, and bark at them alerting their owners.

Apart from providing security by alerting their owners, the dogs as well, help in reducing stress and sadness to their owners. Ibarra says that she loves her pets a lot as they provide company when she is watching movies especially for Princes, Bella in doing her assignments and Murph is very playful, and therefore, she doesn’t feel lonely. Lara says that sometimes they help him relieve stress or sadness. Alyssa on the other side is of a similar opinion in that; the dogs help her by providing comfort when she is upset, crying or in distress. The dogs help her to be active as they are all time in play moods. All the interviewees love their dogs as they play a vital role in their lives especially keeping comfort and company while at home where loneliness strikes.

Keeping dogs as pets have really changed the lives of the interviewees and therefore, they all thought that their lives would be entirely different if they hadn’t owned the dogs as pets. Ibarra strongly agrees that life would be very different, life would be sadder without her dogs as they are like kids, warm-hearted. Lara claims the same in that he wouldn’t feel secure enough for the house and that it would feel like no one is there to play with, making his life a misery and full of loneliness. Alyssa on the on the other hand as well, have a strong feeling that her life would be different, she loves her pets, and they love her back. They like to play, and they have developed a strong bond becoming more than friends.

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