Styled by Mocha is a small brick and mortar nosiness with a small online presence.

Styled by Mocha is a small brick and mortar nosiness with a small online presence. We offer designer clothing, shoes and accessories for men and women. We do have a website that only contains a few items from our store. Customers are currently only able to purchase items in our store. This is becoming a big problem because we are not able to reach many of our customers as easily as all our competitors. Our goal at Styled by Mocha is to promote growth with an online presence and provide convenience to our customers.

Problem Statement1

The business owner is looking for a technology solution that will meet the following key technology requirements: integrating online shopping, managing inventory and shipping, providing order status and online payment processing, facilitating collaboration internally and externally (with staff and customers), managing customer contacts, providing reporting, and being able to use the new technology to manage the current brick-and-mortar processes (sales, payments, inventory, and customer contact).

Two Technologies

I have identified 2 technologies that will help reach this goal. The first technology is Wireless, mobile computing and mobile commerce. Society today depends heavily on wireless devices which can be used to shop online. Mobile commerce creates opportunities for the business to deliver new services to existing customer while attracting new ones.

The second technology that I have chosen is social computing an area of computer science that is concerned with the intersection of social behavior and computational systems. Social media is a huge platform for advertising and representation of a company.

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