Supply Chain Management: Strategy, Planning, and Operation

Task: You are going to build a supply chain throughout this course. To do so effectively, you have to address a number of questions and make decisions that hang together. Each week you will get a question for the topic of the week, which you will answer by creating a PowerPoint slide explaining the question and your decision, along with why that is your decision and what you believe the impact of the decision will be for your supply chain. By the end of the term, you’ll submit your accumulated deck of slides as your presentation for grading. There are going to be 12 slides total, this assignment being the first one. Each slide will be worth 30 points so the whole project is worth 360 points. Each slide again, will address 3 aspects. First, what is your answer to the question/topic of the week, Second, why you decided that. Lastly, what’s the perceived impact of the decision you’ve made. I encourage you to use the body of the PowerPoint slide to show your decision and use the notes section below the slide to show your reasoning why and the perceived impact. It makes for a better presentation, it’s easier to grade, plus if you ever need to use the PowerPoint in real life, it’s ready to go. Also, I do not add or subtract for grammar, spelling, or looks. I am just as comfortable with a simple slide presentation as I am with a fancy one. I want to see you demonstrate depth of thought. Textbook: Supply Chain Management: Strategy, Planning, and Operation by Chopra and Meindl 7th Edition 2018, Pearson