Supreme Court Judges

Supreme Court Judges

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Supreme Court Judges

The supreme court of the united states is eh highest court in the union and it serves to hear the most difficult and the cases which have had complications. It is considered most of the time a neutral balanced court and it is an opportunity for most people to get justice if they cannot get them from the supreme courts in their states. However, some people tend to argue that it is not completely free of bias and influence since it is the president who appoints the judges and they are approved of senate. However, I support the current process of selecting supreme court judges since popular elections is something that has never been done for judges’ selection in the union (Yates, & Whitford, 1998). Therefore, the current process serves as way to moderate and come up with good judges since the senate vets the appointed judges and the senate represents the people of the united states.

It is true that some supreme court judges are conservative while others are ideological. This cannot per se be related to a specific reason but can be explained as a result of different political views based on the constitution (Lively, 1985). Therefore, it cannot be problematic unless the whole of supreme court judges views the constitution from one point of view which becomes indeed problematic.


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