Sustainability Report

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With reference to theory and practice:

Present an analysis of an industry sector in which you explore the governance of sustainability and challenges for that sector, both internationally and in the Australian context. Provide recommendations for CSR and sustainability governance and leadership in that sector.

The main components of the report:

  1. Executive Summary
  2. Choose your industry or sector and introduce it (but what is important is that you look at a sector or industry EG. finance, resources, telecoms, IT, food, automotive and not just a case analysis of one business)
  3. Sustainability in that sector – NARROW it down – maybe just look at one sustainability/CSR issue of relevance to the secto
  4. climate change, product recycling, employee retention, or responsible investment
  5. What are the challenges linked to that issue? (Both internationally and in the Australian context)
  • Use sector examples to illustrate (practice)
  • Use academic articles and texts to back up your arguments (theory)

Conclude and recommend how leaders in the sector could/should tackle these

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