Sustainable Design and Construction


Write here about sustainability and its importance (not more than 4 to 5 sentences).

Here start with the sentence this report further focus on ……. “whatever you have covered in your report just give a short synopsis 

Aspect 1:

(Have to read related books or articles from online, especially related to these 3 case studies and its recommended to read from gcu library but if not available then go with goggle but shouldn’t be fake like Wikipedia…)

Here you have to write the critical analysis part with the help of literature reviews and mention the authors in paragraph and refer it in the end on the Harvard style. To be clear just follow step by step

For each 3 eco towns write their applied principles for sustainability, their government climate change concept, sustainable construction agenda (the construction methods and practices for example innovative designs and materials used), commercial viability (is this economical to afford by the people and accessibility to the town) and in what way or how they made people to enforce or emerge this sustainable cities.

Aspect 2:

(Now from the above analysis have find for key lessons and its present in the table form if you wish or continue as in paragraph (but I prefer table

Here make comparison between these 3 eco towns interms of following:

Their location inner city or sub-urban or rural.

Scale of development – (Examples: Brownfield or greenfield, high/medium/low density development, new development or refurbishment etc…)

Applied Sustainability principles. (Examples: Zero Carbon, energy efficient, etc…)

Commercial viability of the business models. (Example: is it economical, has accessibility).

Aspect 3:

(before you start this part first choose which part of area you want to promote this eco town which is realistic within Oman context)

From the above analysis and key findings take the lessons from those eco towns and apply for your new eco town in Oman but don’t blindly choose all from UK since Oman is different from UK as well -have to check before you write.

Here write your location chosen, why chosen and which case study you would apply here in Oman.

Here write your own recommendations and principles ((greenfield or brownfield), potential locations near Muscat (urban (inner city, suburban); rural), design principles and density levels, degree of engagement with sustainability principles (strong or weak module), constructionmethods and practices,and the business model you intent to follow to ensure it is commercially viable. Ensure to make your guidance reflective of the local context and needs of the market.)

for Oman from the above analysis part and be sure your points must be bullets & clearly defined.


Here write your coursework limitations if you have.

Here just conclude your report by starting with the word conclude…. With your analysis and suggestion.



References: Don’t forget this part need to write your references which you mentioned in the whole report on “HARVARD STYLE” only. 

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