Sustainable Development

 Description sustainable development This paper on sustainable development discusses the process of moving engineering activities to a pattern that can be sustained in perpetuity. It is an approach to environmental and development issues that seeks to reconcile human needs with the capacity of the planet to cope with the consequences of engineering innovation. Many practices and lifestyles of modern society, particularly but not exclusively industrialized societies, simply cannot be sustained indefinitely. We are exceeding the capacity of the planet to provide many of the resources we use, while many of the planet’s inhabitants cannot meet their most basic need – food. We are like every other species on earth – our principal concern is to feed ourselves. Agriculture was our first great revolution the first surplus and gave birth to cities and civilizations. Food, water and shelter are a prerequisite for survival. This paper describes how wise humans, (engineers) in such a short time, disrupted the balance that is so essential in life and examines how we are depleting what nature provides. We are destroying the cycle of life that was given to us, the miracle of life that occurred on earth, a planet that is not too close or too far from the sun. Water and air are linked, united in life and shared for our life on earth. Life on earth relies on a balance, in which every being has a role to play, and exist only through the fragile existence of another being.