SWOT and Gap Analysis


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SWOT and Gap Analysis

McDonald is a fast food company in the United States and to which have excelled to a multibillion dollar company. The company’s success can be attributed to its strengths and opportunities. However, there are threats and weaknesses that have tried to pull back the company’s success. The SWOT analysis for the McDonald company is as follows:


Automation of the production process leading to production of quality products

A successful track record of integrating complimentary firms via mergers and acquisition

Highly skilled workforce attained through successful training and learning programs

High returns on capital expenditure

Strong dealer community to promote the company’s products

High and strong free cash flow

High customer satisfaction


Lower inflation rate in the US

Favorable government conditions enabling set up of more branches

Low cost of transportation

Stable free cash flow


Changing consumer behavior

High competition

Imitation of counterfeit and low quality products


Poor product demand forecasting

Poor financial planning

Low investments in research and development

days’ inventory compared to the competitors

Gap Analysis

Provide valuable skills for their employees

Avoid exploitation of kids in third world countries

Improve the dietary content of their products to reduce child obesity

Utilize the social media platform as way of advertising

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