Tell About a Significant Event that Changed Your Life

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Tell About a Significant Event that Changed Your Life

During the process of growth and development, a person undergoes various challenges, experiences, and events which shape their future. The events which one undergoes have a significant impact on how one perceives life, and also, they may affect how they turn out in the future as adults or as they grow older. In my case, there was one event that changed my life completely; a vacation to India.

A vacation to India

I am privileged to have a loving and supportive family. Once a year, our family usually takes a vacation in one of the many attractive destinations around the country. The vacations help us to learn about different cultures, people and also help us to bond. The bonding part is one of the most important aspects of the family because our parents are hardworking citizens who transverse the country throughout the year and have little time to spend at home. Last year, we decided to travel abroad for our vacation. The decision was informed by the stories that we heard about India and partly because my uncle worked in India for a charity organization. His experiences and narration of the country had made an impact on our lives.

We set to travel for our two-week vacation in India, with our destination being New Delhi. We were scheduled to visit tourist destinations in India such as The Red Fort, the Beaches of Goa and Periyar National Park and Wildlife Sanctuary. We also planned to attend some of the cultural events in India to learn more about their traditions and generally, the way of life in India. We had also planned to spend the last three days of our vacation in Mumbai, helping my uncle with his charity work. The vacation experience throughout the first ten days was overwhelming. There were different activities, sites, animals such as elephants and cultures to learn about India. The people of Indian were welcoming and accommodating. However, my life took a turn during the visit to my uncle’s charity organization.

India is one of the fastest-growing economies in the world. However, the people of Indian struggle economically, a factor which makes their lives difficult. The problems faced by the people of India were laid bare in the three days that we spent with my uncle. Mt uncle worked to help women and children who lived in the slums of Dharavi. The families faced various problems such as lack of medical attention, lack of proper housing, and in most cases, lack of shelter and general lack of basic amenities. It was heartbreaking to see young children, age five and less, suffering from malnutrition. Children were struggling to eat at least one meal once a day. Rains in the slams caused havoc as families had no shelter to take cover. Some would hide under highway bridges and risk being involved in accidents. Women and children faced the risk of rape or violent attacks. The three days were one of the toughest days of my life. Families waking up not knowing where to get food or medicine was a significant blow to humanity.

The experience and events in Dharavi Slum in Mumbai changed my life completely. I did not know the privileges that I was entitled to until I went to India. I stopped complaining about anything that I lacked in life. I was lucky to get access to proper education, food, security, and shelter. Seeing families cry because we provided them with food was heart-rendering.


Life events have the ability to change one’s course of life and also their perception of the world. The vacation to India was my turning point. It laid bare to me the problems that people face in life and the privileges that I have, which I did not appreciate. Up to date, the situation in Mumbai disturbs my heart. I made a decision never to complain about what I lack and instead be grateful for the little that I have. I also promised myself to help the underprivileged in the society.

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