Template for Identifying key concepts in a primary research paper

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Summative Assessment Information

To be eligible for a passing grade on this paper, all assessment points must be attempted and all learning outcomes must be passed.

Please refer to the Student Handbook for information about student support and the assessment and grading process (including extensions, reconsideration and appeals).

This assessment task relates to the following learning outcomes: 1, 2 and 4.


Assessment # and Type  



Learning Outcomes (as set out in Paper Descriptor)


Assessment 1

Written assignment:


Literature review

1 Critically engage with research literature.
2 Demonstrate understanding of the relationship between the research question, research design and frames of enquiry.
4 Engage in ethical and scholarly communication.



Enquiry topic Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease and Periodontitis

Please note, the enquiry topic selected will be the same in both assessment 1 and assessment 2.

In assessment 1 you will write a literature review that critically analyses four peer reviewed primary research journal articles relevant to the topic of enquiry selected. In assessment 2 this literature review will be used to inform a group research development plan.

  1. Preliminary reading: having selected an enquiry topic do some exploratory reading to identify the kinds of research that have been done in the Refine your enquiry topic to formulate a more specific area to focus on. Discuss your topic in your scheduled tutorial with other students exploring the same area. In your tutorials groups of 4-5 students will be established to continue exploring the more refined topic of enquiry.
  2. Select four (4) peer reviewed primary research articles relevant to your refined enquiry These need to be research articles that no-one else in your group has selected. Complete a key concept summary for each article. A key concept summary template is provided in Blackboard.
  3. Write a 1200 word (+/- 10%) critical literature review based on your four (4) selected research Your literature review needs to be structured with an introduction, followed by critical analysis and a conclusion. Assume you are writing for an audience that is educated, but does not have specialist knowledge in your field (i.e. specialist terminology will need to be defined or explained). This assignment needs to adhere to APA 6thcitation and referencing guidelines.

Submit your literature review with reference list, and appendices of the four (4) key concept summaries, through Blackboard.

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