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Have you ever found yourself in a terrible situation that you wished the ground could open and swallow you whole? I remember this point in my life. I felt lost, abandoned, and unworthy. I lost everything. It was the most trying point of my life. Growing up, life was not always a bed of roses. Life was tough being brought up by my single mother, who did not have a stable job. I remember that day as if it was yesterday. I had two siblings. I had a rocky relationship with my mother. I remember crying to my best friend. I best my best friend at the shelter. The same shelter my mother abandoned me and eloped her then-boyfriend. This was the worst day of my life. I disliked being at the orphanage. The kids there were not the friendliest of faces. I could not wait to be of age to leave and start my own life. I wanted to run as far as my legs would carry me away from that place that I cold home for seven years.

After leaving the orphanage, my friend and I reconnected after completing college. We had always stayed in touch with each other. She left the orphanage before me, seeing that she was two years older than I was. She was more like an older sister and mother to me. She used to give the best advice. She was the kindest soul I had met in the years I had lived. I am not sure she still is. Well, let’s find out.

I remember when things started going left for me. I was beginning to build my life after college life. I was yet to find a good-paying job and was struggling. I was in a bit of a financial crisis, and I needed all the help I could get. I wondered who better to talk to if not Lissa. So we met up, and I told her about everything that had been going on. My mom was also back in the picture and was living with one of my sisters. Honestly, I needed my friend to help me navigate this part of my life. The usual and old friend Lissa that I knew would have held me down and helped me up. But instead, guess what she did; she decided to go quiet on me. Sad, right? This is not something that I would have anticipated from her. On that day, when we saw each other had had a conversation, all seemed to be well. We met at a local joint for lunch as I explained my situation and asked if she could host me for two months. I assured her it would be enough time to get my finances together. I just needed a place to crash. At this point, I was okay with sleeping on her comfortable black couch. I did not mind it all. She told me to give her some time to think about it. She would provide me with feedback and a conclusive answer in two days. I should have known better than she had changed and would not come to my aid. I was so naïve to believe that she was the same Lissa I used to see as a sister back at the orphanage.

Anyways I found the help that I needed. Another friend came to rescue, and they allowed me to stay with her for as long as I wanted to until I could be able to get back on my feet. I am forever indebted to her. Bless her soul. My ties with Lissa were cut short. We stopped being as close as we were before. Everybody went about their own life as if nothing had happened. I only knew what awaited me.

Lissa and I were both in for a rude shock.One afternoon, I was going about my business when I received a phone call that she had been involved in an accident. She was in the hospital fighting for her dear life. For a long time, she had consistently named me as her contact person just in case something terrible happened to her. I was in shock when I heard the news. I did not think twice to see her. That day, I was not working. It was my off day. I enquired about the hospital where she was being treated, grabbed a jacket, and rushed there. Thank God Lissa was okay. I hugged her and was there with her every day until she got discharged. We reconciled and went back to being friends again.

For me, having a fall put with a friend that I love so much was a learning experience. It taught me a lesson about appreciating the loved on in my life. I realized that I had spent so much time dwelling on what happened between Lissa and me that I forgot how much we shared good memories. I decided that losing a friend like her was not worth it. I decided I wouldn’t do to her as she had done to me. She was the only friend that I used to have, and she made sure she was always there for me. Now that I look back, I realize that everybody deserves a second chance because nobody is perfect. Further, I have learned that revenge is overrated, and forgiveness is the real deal. I am glad to have my friend that I love back.

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