Terrorism and Homeland Security

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Terrorism and Homeland Security

Obstacles to developing agreed upon definition of terrorism

The act of jurisdiction not having a standard definition for the term terrorism brings about confusion making scholars come up with different classifications depending on the environment, purpose, and weight of the terror instigated. The overall result is a total contradiction when it comes to developing that one meaning of the word terrorism that can be agreed upon both at the national and international level. One can refer to terrorism as the act of using violence to instigate fear of a targeted enemy. However, this explanation can be challenged as it does not put into consideration both the non-combatants and states which in the modern society involved in everyday terror crisis. According to Martin Gus in his writing “Terrorism and Homeland Security,” government, as well as its personnel and agencies, commit terrorism when responding to the anticipated threats. It becomes even more challenging to define the term as international terrorism mainly arises as a result of the states causing or supporting violence for either self-defense or social-economic and political advantage.

A bright and solitary definition of terrorism is recommended in the universe for quite some reasons. First, the essential motive entails the jurisdiction bodies so that they can be able to make an informed judgment whether it concerns individuals or states at the national level. There needs to be no distinction between supporting and causing terrorism as both leads to terror among the non-combatants who at many instances do not deserve the suffering. Also, the act of developing a distinct meaning will lead to a reduction of the terrorist attacks experienced in various parts of the world and academics people will have an in-depth understanding of the word ceasing confusion among them.

Strategic and tactical lessons drawn from anticolonial groups

The anticolonial groups that were active in the 1950’2 and 1960’s applied some tactics and strategies to fight for their independence against the colonial governments. Africa and Asia are the top continents that were significantly affected by the colonialism imperialism. Economic, social and political factors being the significant incentives that made colonizers acquire international territories made them maneuver and used powerful weapons to overpower the colonialists. However, the use various strategies such as solidarity, guerrilla tactics as well as the combination of military and political power lead to an act of indigenous people successfully struggle for their nations’ freedom. It is quite agitating to learn today’s terrorist groups are applying these line of attack to achieve their dangerous missions.

For instance, ISIS effectively communicate and coordinates their diplomacies effectively enhancing solidarity among the members who are made to believe that performing violence activities like mass killing is not a terrorist act. In the dominated countries such as Iraq and Iran, the terrorists use the indigenous learned lessons such as the political and military power combination to accomplish their international missions. Support from the states and other private organizations in the modern society makes them remain healthy and able to persist government attacks as they have well-organized armament. Today, these terrorists might not be that perfect through the application of indigenous techniques learned from the anticolonial groups. Therefore, they incorporate the use of media and advanced technologies as compliments to increase success chances. Regardless of various superpowers trying to terminate the terrorists’ social media platforms, but they still come up with strategies to outfit this and head up threatening their targets.

Israel and Palestine

Israel and Palestine remain fighting allies who have not come to a peaceful consensus. However, I firmly believe that in the future there is a possibility of having peace between the two rivals. In moving the peace process forward, the best action will be signing a peace treaty between Palestine and Israel. Even there have been some efforts to have an agreement, Israel seems to be the barrier of the intended solution. The reason behind its dismissal when it comes to signing the treaty might be involving social-economic and political factor which are challenging to deal with. The act of Palestinians targeting the Israel who are in the states as well as the fear of the antagonist to lose the economically powerful regions such as Gaza and Jerusalem.

In this area, the United States should play the essential role of acting as mediators who will help in maintaining peace among the two nations. The United States being a superpower can effectively take part in that as they have adequately equipped military body and capable of providing financial support. The success of the United States in enhancing unity can be among the best historical reputation of the nation.

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