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The American Civil War

The civil war is part of American history, which was a crucial moment during Abraham Lincoln’s leadership. It was a challenging time as the southern states recessed and formed their kind of administration while the northern part of the united states wanted to retain the states’ union. Even though this was a challenging time, especially for the president who had just been elected, it was also a time for the states to show their allegiance to the union. Abraham Lincon calls their mother since no state existed without the union (Holzer, 2008). Therefore, according to the view and the facts presented by Abraham Lincoln during the speech about preserving the union and the constitution, it was the union that was the states’ legal status, and they did not have their legal status without the union. Therefore it was very important to protect the union. It was with the desire to protect the union rather than the protection of the different single states. This was the basis of the war, which later led to the mass extermination of lives. This was also a basis to learn how race and class played a big role in American society and how they could be used to make life better for the Americans even though it has always been used negatively.

This paper presents the discussion about class and slavery at that time to the civil war. It also has discussions about the political policies used at that time and how they were effective in solving the issue of the recession of some of the states, especially those in the southern part. Class has always been a big issue when it comes to any society. It is a common belief and faith that those who are top in any class or those referred to as first-class citizens always have a better life, and they are the ones served by those in the third class of the society. The middle class does not have a strong holing ground as it is of the first class and the third. Class is very closely related to slavery. This is because slaves were always considered the third class of society, made up of individuals whose rights could not be recognized as important or essential. Those who could be abused and used in a bad manner without them questioning since they were answerable to their bosses (Harrold, 2010). The political policies were also strict, and the main focus of Abraham Lincoln’s leadership was the protection of the union at all costs. Therefore, he did when he deployed troops from all over the country in a fight with the southern part, which led to them accepting at the end of it all that they could not exist on there but had to be helped.

The role of political strategies at this time was very important in luring the southern states from recessing. However, even though this played a big role in getting back the southern states to the union, it did not come out successful, but the war was what made it possible. At this time, the then-president Abraham Lincoln is praised since it was a difficult moment for him and all the other people he represents. He never gave up the fight for human rights. At this time, president Malcolm used the war of political strategy whereby no one was doing anything. He declares that war was the only final option that had remained about the recession that had happened with the union’s southern part


At this time, the issue of social class was shaken in most parts of the southern part, of the wealthiest and those in power being spared. Even though caused for a proper reason, it still made impacts that lasted for a long time enough. The class at this time could not be defined perfectly, especially on the lower side, because they were all there. It was to the same extent that the president was advised to get young men to do the very difficult work, which was to go for warmth on behalf of the other Americans and save the city. Therefore it can be said all those who went there to fight were killed or they survived.

The issue of slavery was also very significant in the civil war. This was because it had a lot of effect and influence over what was good and not right. At this point, the black people had to try to think, and their numbers kept increasing. Therefore, slavery was not being practiced at this time, and it was difficult because of the war. It was also the war that led to the release of many slaves to become free men and make their lives better.

In conclusion, we can say that even though the leaders were very watchful of what happened which came out as a success. There was the desire to keep united the united states of America and make sure that everything was done perfectly at the right time so that such kind of recessions could be limited.


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