The American Crisis





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The American Crisis


Summer soldiers and sunshine patriots as described in the text are the American soldiers that fought the British Army in the areas of New Jersey, New York from the late summer into the fall season. The American soldiers were in for a patriotic mission as they were often battered, defeated, and killed in the conquest.

Paine describes Tories as cowardly people. He connotes that they possess a servile, slavish and self-interested fear. Pain even dares that he can organize a hundred Whigs to beat a thousand Tories to show the extent of their cowardliness. The author, Paine, brings Tories up in this narrative because they were significant in curtailing the efforts of the Whigs/ the American Revolutionists. Tories were supportive of the British tyranny in the area to fulfil selfish interests over American independence which is an act of non-patriotism.

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The government has a very big role when dealing with a pandemic such as covid 19. The government is supposed to set rules and regulations which the whole country is supposed to follow and adhere to lessen the spread of the pandemic and even curb it. In the case of covid 19, it’s the responsibility of the government to ensure the citizens follow the set rules and regulations by ensuring everyone ware mask, wash hands before and after interacting with other people. this is ensured by setting consequences that are to follow when one goes against the set rules and regulations. The government should also provide masks and hand sanitizers to the needy. It should also provide water points where people can wash hands in marketplaces and schools.

The covid-19 pandemic situation created different kinds of crises. Government has a big role in the country’s stability and economy to prevent the spread of covid-19 pandemic situation most the government adopted various kinds of initiatives like a strict lockdown procedure under which papers natural rights and freedoms were Limited because people were not able to associate and go out or not even for work some firms were forced to shut down their production units but all these initiatives are taken by the government for protecting a citizen and lessen the spread of the pandemic situation.

Due to the situation output employment income was decreased therefore governments adopts various kinds of stimulus packages adapt to expansionary fiscal policies by government spending on various social service and welfare programs like unemployment benefit pension schemes that can increase the income of the people and can increase the aggregate demand when the aggregate demand increases it will boost the economic growth and development.

Society has also its role in lessening the spread of pandemics like COVID-19. Society is what is protected by the government. Society should follow the set rules and regulations by the government to the latter. Like in the case of COVID-19, the citizens, which is the society, are supposed to wear masks, wash and keep social distancing. Society should follow these rules and regulations for their benefit without being forced by the government. They should isolate when they have signs and symptoms associated with the said pandemic to save others and the nation in general.

The Federal government has the role of keeping the economy of the country stable. It does this through establishing and formulating hundreds of rulers that protect its citizens like those who do different businesses from frauds and being conned. The federal government should also lower taxes and even cut unnecessary ones. This ensures the release of money from government hands to private hands. The citizens use this money to start new businesses and raise their standards of leaving hence making the economy stable. The government should also ensure there is no monopoly in the county. When there is competition the prices of goods and services will decrease as the companies will set fair prices for the customers to buy their goods and services. Monopoly companies most of the time tend to focus on the profit gained that needs of the customers.

In some circumstances, the government has the right to eminent domain. However, the government is supposed to compensate those who are affected. When the government is trying to construct a new road and it passes through individuals’ poverty it has the right to eminent domain. Such cases also occur when the government is trying to build public structures like schools, game parks, substations, and others that are aimed to hell the whole country. If the reason behind the eminent domain is to help an individual and not the public one has the right to stop the eminent domain.

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