The Application of the McKinsey’s Valuation Tool to My Company

Please see the requirement file. chose one company. Please do not choose the big company like Amazon. McKinsey (Part 6: Special Situation) (You need to choose one) 1. Valuation in Emerging Markets (#33) 2. Valuing High-Growth Companies (#34) 3. Valuing Cyclical Companies (#35) Guideline:

You need to choose a company you are interested in from the three different types (e.g., emerging markets, high growth, and cyclical firms) of companies above. You need to follow the two-step process: (1) understand/summarize the paper (especially their methodology) you choose from the McKinsey paper and (2) apply the methodology (from the McKinsey paper) to the valuation of the company you choose. Grading rubric for this term paper – in the requirment 1. “Methodology/Tool (McKinsey paper) (5- 10 pages) 2. “Preliminary Paper” Please see “Grading Rubric for Term Paper” 3. “Final Paper” due – The Final Exam date (15 pages). Please see “Grading Rubric for Term Paper” requirement