The Art of Story Telling


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The Art of Story Telling

Initially, I defined a good story as a way of telling an account by understanding factors that satisfy the audience or a reader without regardless of intricate details such as genre. I believed that stories should achieve certain effects such as being inspirational or moving the audience emotionally. A good story is something that the audience acknowledges as good or important. Over the semester my definition of a good story has changed to include dramatization. A story scenario should rely on a dramatic premise to advance itself inform the resulting actions and the outcome that comes from the primary story scenario. A good story contains conflict, tension, Controversy, surprise, suspense, and characters who are out of the ordinary.

Periods of Literature

I enjoyed studying the Romantic period because one, it was a period that constituted writing from American authors and marked the transition of literature from British nonfiction writers. The fascinating thing about writings from the Romantic Period was that they explored the values of the individual over the group. A value that has evolved to define societies today. In an age where we are losing nature at an alarming rate the value of nature illustrated in these writings is reminiscent. Edgar Allan Poe was my favorite writer from this period. His accounts depict and inhabit the role of the Romantic individual, he describes his torment and strugglers in such an educative and engaging way. His invention of the modern detective story is legendary.

Thoughts on the Final Project

The story I am trying to tell is how a girl grows up shaped by society or the experience of growing up a girl. The prose form imitated from “The Girl” by Kincaid is befitting of this story. although this is not a poem like Kincaid’s work, just like it, it does not follow the rules of literature which I hope will have the effect of ensuring a continuous flow of reading and increase reader engagement. The goal of this story is to pass a certain message and that is the most important thing just as many forms of modern writing. I am learning that it is okay to ignore the traditional rules of writing especially with poems, which I initially thought strictly required to follow a certain form to be considered a poem.

Changes I would make to the Course

The change I would like to make to the course would probably be increasing the content or making it longer. The study of literature is very interesting and has a wide scope which I understand is inexhaustible but I would wish to read more especially on deeper forms of literature such as the language that was used in the early days. I would keep “The Girl” by Kinkaid and give up Love and Other Catastrophes: a MixTape” by Amanda Brown just because it is a requirement otherwise I would lose neither.

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