The Best Computer for a College Student





The Best Computer for a College Student

A student requires a computer that can do numerous tasks and be able to support a wide range of software considering the requirements of certain courses and of course the standard office packages. There is also the need to consider the video capabilities of these computers for the sake of HD video lectures. The price is also a determinant because students would like to minimize schools spending as much as possible considering the increasing cost of learning. This paper compares two computers that can be found at Walmart.

The Dell XPS 13 is the most refined and revitalized computer among the various available at Walmart. It is a high performance machine that is powered by an 8th-generation Intel Core i5 central processing unit. There is also an Intel Core i7 version of the same generation which means even better performance. The Intel UHD graphics installed in the computer translates to a wonderful display on the 13.3-inch Full HD display. A buyer has a choice of a Random Access Memory ranging from 4 gigabytes to 16 gigabytes all depending with the amount one is willing to spend. And speaking of money, the Dell XPS 13 is quite expensive starting from $1,088 (Walmart). The value of this amount is that these machine will see a student through college and probably beyond university, the only problem being the rapid change in technology.

It is important to look at a computer with a lower price in order to compare. For this case, the Chromebook 15 is a high performance machine which makes it ridiculously cheap. It is not fancy with all the high end specifications like the Dell XPS 13 but the Chrome operating system it uses makes its running quite smooth. It is very fast and responsive giving the student a wonderful experience for only $277.94 (Walmart). The 15.6-inch display makes it bigger than the Dell XPS 13 with good resolution and uses the Intel HD graphics. It has a 4GB ram and a very modest SSD with only space for 32GB. The speakers are not so good but with its price it means can save some cash for external ones or an iPod.

I would recommend the Chromebook 15 because I understand most student are on a budget and with the specifications on this computer, it is such a bargain. The Dell XPS 13 is definitely the better machine in all aspects but for majority of the student who are not learning to program or do not need a machine for high-end activities the Chromebook 15 is perfect.

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