The Boston Pops Esplanade Orchestra-Full Concert -081008

The Boston Pops Esplanade Orchestra-Full Concert -08/10/08


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Optimism is set at the beginning as the audience applauds the orchestra band. At 1:35, some relaxing music is played with the band paying attention to the little details of the song. At 3:18, the band raises their orchestral intensity to achieve the song’s high peach; the band can control the uniformity of the instrument.4:20 allows the sophisticated nature of the song through the rising and falling of the pitch

6:33 Reveals a preamble of good music from the harmony of the instrumentals to the body coordination of the Boston Pops Esplanade Orchestra, the coordinator tries to bring the best out of the music as well.

9:14 A monologue of Leonard Bernstein is well played in remembrance of his great efforts towards music. The music plays out passionately, almost revealing the great aura of the music guru, a pianist, a conductor, and an achiever, to mention a few.

11:43 Fancy-free also played in remembrance. The rhythm is soothing, and the synchrony played passionately during the transition at 13:25 makes the music sweeter.

18:34 The band makes use of more instrumentals, and bands have an opportunity to make utterances. The change reminds the audience of the music of age and makes it more interesting to listen to.

21:25 A fancy-free Ballet: Variation III(Danzon) is clear, and the repetition enhances its rhythm. The band finishes strongly at the end.

29:24 The band outdoes itself, and their coordination makes music more interesting, especially while celebrating the country’s independence.

The focus on young talents and the growth of music prompted the Boston Pops Esplanade Orchestra to conduct auditions. Many people, especially in the Commonwealth, came forward with their applications revealing their love for music. A young girl selected during the auditions got a chance to showcase her prowess in the concert.

At 32: 35, the girl sings to the melody of stars and stripes. Her voice captures the attention of everyone in the room as she sang along the instrumentals beautifully.

The band completes their presentation, and the audience is happy with the presentation, especially the energy and good coordination of instrumentals.


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