The bulk of the semester

The bulk of the semester has been devoted to a discussion on the physiological adjustments and coordination of systems to meet the demands of physical activity. Based on the environmental conditions, ingestion of supplements, and bodily age, the body will respond differently to the stress of physical activity and exercise training.

Objective: To become a subject matter expert on 1 topic related to Environmental Influences on Performance by designing a PPT presentation that showcases your knowledge on your chosen subject.

Project Components:

3 Peer-reviewed journal articles on your topic (first and last page must be submitted to Moodle).

3 1-page journal article summaries.

1 PPT presentation on your topic


Read the chapter in your textbook related to your chosen topic.

Select 3 peer reviewed journal articles on your topic.

Summarize each of the journal articles in a 1-page summary document.

Create a 10-minute PPT presentation.

Present information to class through a class-room presentation.

PPT Information:

Test material will come from the textbook chapters. Make sure that you are using the textbook when creating your PPT presentation.

PPT presentations may contain a short video clip.

Video must be < 3 minutes

Information in video must be covered in a PPT slide as well

PPT presentation must include summary information related to the journal articles that you selected.

PPT presentation must include a bibliography.