The Business Community Promotional Plan





The Business Community Promotional Plan

In line with the California Business Education Association’s mission of fostering excellence in business disciplines, this promotional plan has been designed for the Business Community within the state. The promotion will therefore target all the business set-ups within the stated area and will mostly rely on the available associations and alliances existing for effectiveness.

Plan Objectives

To reach to the extensive business community within California in order to inform them of the existence, significance and value of CBEA

To highlight the importance of collaboration between the business community with business educators for professionalism and excellence of businesses

To help increase enrollment of business set ups to the association by over 50% within the first two weeks of promotion

Main message

In line with the stated objectives, the promotion intends to inform the business community on the importance of business education and partnerships with the business educators.

Promotional techniques

Given that the target market segment has been established, there are various techniques that will be deployed to ensure a wide reach. First, there will be a two week door to door campaign to select high commercial areas to reach to the business community. Flyers and billboards will be mainly used this two week promotional campaign. In addition, seminars will also be organized for the business community regarding professionalism through business education. In addition, advertisements will be placed on the local dailies and business magazines.


Success of this promotional activity will be evaluated on a weekly basis to establish the challenges faced. As a result, there will be improvements and adjustments to maximize performance. The target set is to register about 200 more businesses within the promotional budget of $150,000 within the one month promotion schedule.

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