The Career As A Salesperson

The Career As A Salesperson The career as a salesperson is very rewarding for those who dare to try it. The requirements for one to join the line of the profession are high since it is a demanding job. The expectations are high for the person choosing to work for a company or business organization. This is because the realization of high sales and consequently high profits depends on the person doing the sales task. The competition in the business high thus is requiring many professionals. The world currently requires qualified persons to take up the jobs in sales fields. Majority of the people however, tend to shy away from the careers in selling for various reasons.

The nature of the career scares many potential persons wishing to take up opportunities in the field. People have their own reasons, for wishing to shy away from the career even when it may seem lucrative. Some people for instance may decline an offer for the job because the feel they lack the confidence to execute it. Others feel that it is way above their standards. Still, a number may side their case with the existing professionals to make their judgment about the job. For instance, a person may have a negative feeling of how the sales persons try to persuade people. They feel that the salesperson makes all the efforts to make them impulse buy the commodities in question. For a sales person to be versant with all the items in the store, ability to push a client to purchase an item was simply spectacular Lastly, in the career, one has to be a bit cunning and tricky. This results in some people terming them as being dishonest in their line of duty. Those who would not like any association with the term will shy away (Marshall et al., 2013).

One may love to experience a feeling of new products in the market. On this day, I felt the feeling and the urge to become a sales person in the future. This is an encounter that memorable to date though the dream is not viable. While at one of the largest market Europe, I came across a sales person promoting one of the local detergents. The person managed to drive me crazy about the whole selling experience. With an audible voice, grooming and accurate selection of relevant business jargon, he managed to move the masses, into buying the product without even giving a second thought on the cost price. The promotions that came handy and the demonstration packages sold well though at a relatively cheap price for those who could afford. The systematic description of the product in question made me believe that the detergent was worth buying. Although the product is not very effective as one may imagine, I still use it with the firm believe that it is the best. Other alternative products in the market are good and relatively cheap. However, the sales person managed to convince the product is the best to use. This remains my product until the day I will come across a convincing sales person to change my view about it.

In reflection of the encounter, one good thing that makes gives me a pleasant experience is how the sales person managed to attract and capture people’s attention. The people watching the demonstration glued their eyes on the sales person. Of course, nobody can imagine what each of the audience was thinking during the presentation. However, I can imaginatively tell that the composure and confidence with which the person did the presentation made everybody eager to stay until the end. Marshall et al., (2013) in his book, acknowledges that a good sales person must possess the right qualities, skills, and knowledge to be able to market the company and make significant sales.

The recent encounter with a different sales person advertising some health products gave me the most shocking experience. The product line alone was one of shame since it was the first to encounter someone describing its use in public. Grooming when a person is dong a presentation is very important. The sales person in this case had an unfamiliar stench emanating from him. This drove away most of the audience as they could not stand it. The explanation of the product use insinuated the idea of the person not having the required experience. This left me pondering about the person for quite some time and even questioning the competence of the company that hired him to market for them.

In conclusion, one thing that made me feel uncomfortable about the whole situation is when the sales person made a signal at me to join him in front of the audience. The embarrassment made me move some steps backwards from the crowd as a sign of disinterest. This alone was a sign of communication that he was not welcome to make the presentation. The encounter made my day wayward, and when it was finally over, I resolved to take a different line of career. This saved me a great deal as I can now breathe fresh air from an office whiles it the “sales department” serving customers.

The work I do now is customer care in a communication company. The job has more avenues to interact with different people who have different views than the sales career. Although my anticipation at one moment, to become a salesperson, did not achieve realization, I feel that my profession is an avenue to demonstrate the sales skills but in a different way. This is because I talk to people with problems, and my expectation is to satisfy their need at the end of the day. The work does not involve any goods in but services. However, it has a close relation with the sales job.

The lifetime value of an ideal client is much more important to us than the quick sale, so empathy from the sales team is crucial. The best sales person must have a great personality and confidence and one who never lets go of opportunity they relate to the customer and support them in choosing the right solutions relating to other people in conversations and genuine care for others. A good sales person ceases the moment.


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Less and making more.

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