The choice to pursue a bachelor’s degree

The choice to pursue a bachelor’s degree has been one of the most fulfilling. I decided on this path due to my interest in finding out how and why humans think and behave the way they do. My bachelor’s degree has taught me a great deal about human thought process and inspired me to pursue further studies in occupational therapy. I find that psychology is an excellent foundation towards becoming an occupational therapist.

My passion for helping others is the most powerful driving force behind my desire to become an occupational therapist. I specifically want to help people with Parkinson’s, dementia, suffered from TBI’s and stroke and other similar problems. These kinds of illnesses are usually debilitating and take a significant toll on the patients’ mental and physical wellbeing. When individuals who previously lived an independent and self-sufficient life have to rely on others, it could discourage them and slow down their healing process. As an occupational therapist, helping such people get back on their feet literally and figuratively would be very fulfilling. Another personal attribute I consider extremely useful in this career choice is my optimistic nature. I always look on the bright side amid any challenge. I hope to transfer this attitude to my patients, which will help them get in a good mental space essential for healing.

Before narrowing I decided to pursue occupational therapy, I considered further studies in psychology. I would like to work with patients, offering counseling and more hands-on work. For this reason, I found that occupational therapy would be a better fit for my goals. Occupational therapy involves finding interventions for patients through everyday activities. It is more hands-on and involving than psychology. The idea that I can help someone get their life back on track by helping with the most mundane activities brings me a lot of satisfaction.

I have spent some time volunteering in a local hospital shadowing occupational therapists and this confirmed my decision to pursue the same career. This volunteer experience has shown me how much impact occupational therapy has on patients’ lives. Examples of patients in the program include people who had been injured in road accidents, patients in early stages of dementia, elderly patients among others. I saw the significant improvements that the patients made from the time they started therapy to the time they completed their program. The therapists assessed the patients’ needs, came up with appropriate interventions, and assisted patients through these interventions. I saw recoveries that I considered miraculous, and I would be honored to transform the lives of people in their time of need.

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