The Compare and Contrast for Two Art Works

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This essay is designed to build on the research and academic skills you have developed through the completion of assignment one. For assignment two, you are asked to compare and contrast the views of authorities in order to build an analysis of the work of modernist practitioners. To evidence your argument, you must make use of your visual analysis skills established through participation in tutorials.

Your brief:

Compare and contrast the work of two modernist practitioners. That is, select two singular works from separate artists/designers/photographers. The works selected need not come from the same discipline. For example, you might choose one modernist example of architecture and one modernist example of photography.

For example, your research essay question may be:

Compare and contrast Le Corbusier’s Villa Savoye with Marianne Brandt’s Teapot in relation to the modernist concept of Form Follows Function.

Your essay must refer directly to each practitioner’s work and discuss specific elements of the work/s that are indicative of the modernist characteristics you identify. Good quality, colour images must be included. Your discussion must consider the significance of these characteristics within the broader context of modernist theory and visual practice. Your argument should refer to no less than eight (8) scholarly research sources (authorities), three of which should be scholarly journal articles. No more than two sources should be web-based. (Please note that anonymous web-based articles are not generally considered to be reliable academic sources.)


  1. Evidence of adequate breadth of research–including demonstrated use of periodicals. Does the paper contain topical and relevant researched material? Does it show evidence of critical analysis and inquiry? Does the paper evaluate the quality of sources used?
  2. Quality of argument – is it cogent, concise and clear? Are the points of argument developed logically and coherently? Are ideas conveyed clearly in conventional written English?
  3. Pertinence of visual and verbal support – Do the images complement and support the argument presented? Have you included a range and diversity of quoted material?
  4. Ability to conduct a coherent visual analysis of the chosen text/s using basic semiotic method.
  5. Proper use of the Harvard/Author–Date method of documentation.

IN ORDER TO PASS THIS ITEM OF ASSESSMENT, your written assignment must include a correctly formatted reference list and evidence of documented research (in the form of in-text citations). It is also necessary to reference the source of your images. Failure to include these will mean that YOU WILL NOT PASS THIS ITEM OF ASSESSMENT.

For the essay plan

Length: 500 Words

Develop an Essay Plan for the Research Assignment it should include the following:

  1. A question/research statement that fits the assignment brief.
  2. An outline of how you will structure the argument (approximately 5 dot points)
  3. One correctly referenced quote you think you will use
  4. A short analysis of one image you will discuss
  5. A correctly formatted list of 5 references

Criteria & Marking:

  1. Ability to develop a research question
  2. Logic of argument
  3. Pertinence of Research
  4. Pertinence of Visual support
  5. Correct use of the Style Guide

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