The concept of Freedom in Aravind Adiga’s ‘The White Tiger’

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Literature Research Paper

Answer the following question in a research essay:

What kind of �freedom� does the central character enjoy in Aravind Adiga�s The White Tiger?

Construct a literary argument, supported by documented research. In this essay, you would be expected to consult at least six secondary sources (in addition to citing from the primary literary text/s).

Structure: Introduction must contain a thesis sentence or statement; paragraphs must be linked by good topic sentences

The essay must sustain focus on the subject of the essay by using relevant textual examples

The essay must use a smooth integration of scholarly material with correct MLA in-text quoting; or as part of your own sentence.

Academic written expression with correct syntax, punctuation and vocabulary.

Referencing: (correct use of MLA in-text referencing and works cited list)

Presentation: (3 cm margins; 1.5 spacing; numbered pages; 12-point font; proofreading)

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