The connection between food, family, friends and community






The connection between food, family, friends and community


In the daily normal life, it is important to observe proper eating and food preparation methods in order to keep fit, maintain good health by avoiding those illnesses caused by poor feeding habits. This is made more necessary when one has an eating disorder that prompts him or her to observe particular eating as well as dietary habits. When an individual suffers from an eating disorder in it is important to alert family and friends in order for them to provide support. This is important as the kind of therapy provided by the family is the best. The family is also an important unit in making decisions and choices about food as they are the ones who observe and sustain any changes made on the diet.

Observation of proper eating habits normally reflects an individual who is careful and concerned about his well being to the society hence reliable and independent. In the case of an eating disorder, the individual on the other hand should ensure that they observe the correct eating habits. This is because the family and friends involved care and are concerned. Therefore when a character looks after him properly by eating and preparing the right kinds of food it makes them less worried about him hence he becomes more acceptable in the society. They also consequently contribute more to help solve the problem (Voelker, 5).

This can also be depicted in situations of grief and loss whereby the use of the right kind of foods result to the reduction of stress as well as tiredness making one stronger. This gives the family and friends the notion that the person can look after his physical being well and consequently the emotional status (Helpguide, 2).

According to Marian in (Atwood, 338), there is a strong connection between food, family, friends and the community as a whole. This is because it acts as a bond between an individual and the society as well as other specific people such as her boyfriend in the story. The choice of food can be at times determined by certain social determinants which include family, peers and cultural background. Food plays an important role in the society as it symbolizes oneness as in the case of cultural and religious aspects. When these are observed they bring about a sense of belonging to a particular community. Certain kinds of food also illustrate specific festivities observed by various cultures during which time people come together to celebrate. This brings about a feeling of socialism and interaction between people.

It can as well be used as a sign of welcome. This is portrayed by (Chang, 7) whereby Mr. Rhee offers Tom three grapes at no charge when they first meet at the grocery. On the other hand, it signifies unity as in the case of workmates where Tom and his employers join to share meal at lunch time (13).

The degree of importance of food as well is depicted in (Esquivel, 147) where it is compared to one not performing an activity that he loves so dearly.

Although the preparation of food may at times be tiring, it is important to do it the right way so as to feel connected to the intended society.

In conclusion, it is important that a character follows the correct eating habits and food preparation methods according to his society as a sign of respect and discipline towards the set rules. This brings about acceptance and incorporation as well.

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