The effect of Obama’s Race to the Top education reform on the stake holders of Massachusetts department of Early education and care


identify an area of social policy that has significantly impacted your life personally or has affected your community, and prepares an analysis of the main issues at stake in that policy:

– Identifying the various stakeholders

– Discuss how the policy was developed
– Discuss how the policy was implemented
– What are the intended consequences
– What are the unintended consequences

Draw on your own experience as well as the theoretical

framework presented in class. Include outside research to back up your explanations.

This paper should be 9-12 pages.

How this is different than Assignment 2: In Assignment 2, you told me your story. In Assignment 3 you’re still focusing on a policy that affects you, but besides a brief introduction regarding that effect, you’re focusing on the story of the policy. You’re going to have a personal stake in the policy, but who else does as well? And what group or groups that you identify with has a stake in the policy? There will be people who oppose your view on the policy–what stake do they have? It is important here that you take a balanced approach to explaining the opposition’s side. Imagine that you are on their side, and make their strongest argument as they might.

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