The effects media has on beauty

This paper is designed to be a critical analysis, ranging in length from 3-4 pages. Your research should have a distinct point of view. Even more importantly, it must present this point of view clearly and consistently. Select one of the questions below as it relates to, “I Used To Think Makeup Was Oppressive — Until I Learned My Mother’s Story”, research and create an argument based on your argument. Many of the ideas have been presented in class when discussing the text, so review your discussion questions as a guide in helping discover your topic. You may choose one of those, or select another. You must use MLA format and 12-point font with citations. Consider balancing at least 2, but no more than 3 sources. One of your sources must be the text. Choose one social issue present in the text and argue how it is uncovered through the author’s words. Use the social issues document to help you navigate