The Heart by Maylis De Kerangal (pp.81-142)

Answer these questions in a short response but answering all what is asked. Also, dont include the questions on the paper just type the answers out so its around 2 pages. 1. Taking into consideration specific features of a postmodern novel, explain how or what the chapter about Cornelia Owl’s love affair (86-88) contribute to the drama of Simon’s death at this stage of the novel? (Consider what happened just before and right after). 2. Recount what Thomas Rémige goes through and how he prepares himself to approach Simon’s parents about making their son a donor? Use specific examples and a quote. 3. Explain what actually brings Marianne and Sean to agree that their son is a donor? Refer to the passage when the two of them are alone. 4. Which organs will the Biomedical Agency harvest? Who will be the heart’s recipient? 5. What is your favorite quote? Why?