The Late Style and Shakespeare


Does Shakespeare have a late style? That is, is there stylistic evidence that his writing changes in the latter section of his writing life?


– Please address this question throughout the essay. Beginning with stating your argument in the introduction (presumably yes he does) and then concluding your reasons why in the conclusion.

– Discussions of each play should roughly take up the same amount of text. ie, 1500 on each book. 

– Stick to closely analysing what stylistic evidence their is for Shakespeare’s late style, offering detailed analysis, rather than just retelling the story. Perhaps analysis 2/3 key aspects per play rather than lots in less detail. 

– Throughout, consider how this exhibits late style by referring to what critics have defined as late style. 

– Please quote what critics have said to support your own readings of the text. 

– Please do not use footnote for further analysis or definitions just for referencing.


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