The Law of Evidence

Assessment Information
This assignment is designed to assess learning outcomes:
 Critically review the historical development of, and the principles underlying, the law of evidence;
 Critically evaluate the rules of evidence and relevant case law;
 Critically review and consolidate a body of knowledge and to critically evaluate proposals for reform (where applicable).
This assignment is an individual assignment.
This assignment requires you to complete the following:
The European Court of Human Rights in Al-Khawaja v United Kingdom (26766/05); Tahery v United Kingdom (22228/06) (2012) 54 E.H.R.R 23 and Horncastle and others v United Kingdom [2014] ECHR 4185/10 have considered the hearsay provisions of the Criminal Justice Act 2003.
Critically discuss the extent these decisions facilitate the use of hearsay evidence and balance their use in light of the accused’s convention rights.
Word Count
The word count is 1750 words

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