the magical mystical world of Latin American Fiction

Latin-American writers incorporate magic realism into their works as a means of burrowing beneath the norms of daytime reality into levels of experience just as real, though not as accessible. Fantasy can be a powerful tool for experiencing our lives. I will upload a material about Latin American Fiction. In a 500 word (minimum) response, discuss how the Latin-American authors utilize elements of magical realism to shake-up our fictional world. Do you find yourself engaging in suspension of disbelief to more closely connect to each story’s deeper meaning? I will upload stories regarding to the question. Only use the stories provided by me and if you use any quotations make sure to cite it properly and put page numbers at the end of each quote. The Stories are; Jorge Luis Borges “The Gospel According to Mark”, Octavio Paz “My Life with the Wave”, Gabriel Garcia Marquez “A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings”, Ines Arredondo “The Shunammite”. Please use specific examples from the stories.