The New Man’s Body in the Soviet Union

 Description The essay should be based on the text by Toby Clark, “The “new man’s” body: a Motif in Early Soviet Culture.” Eds. M. Cullerne Bown and B. Taylor. Art of the Soviets – Painting, Sculpture and Architecture in a One-Party State. Through essay you should be answering these questions: What is the main argument of the text? Where is the evidence? Are referenced sources reliable? What are the conclusions? How does this relate to other arguments on the same topic in O’Mahony, Mike, and Dawsonera. Sport in the USSR: Physical Culture, Visual Culture. Reaktion, London, 2006. and Wilk, Christopher. “The Healthy Body Culture.” Christopher Wilk Ed. Modernism: Designing a New World 1914-1939, London: V & A Publications, 2006. The primary aim of the paper is to introduce the allocated text to the audience. Present the author’s views and the specific perspective from which he has approached a particular topic. Additionally, contextualise these views with further reading around the subject. In other words, investigating and presenting this material within the wider historical context of the topic at hand.