The other Wes Moore Analysis Essay

The other Wes Moore Analysis Essay

the book is The other Wes Moore One Name, Two Fates.

The Other Wes Moore Analysis Essay
For this essay, you will pick two related themes and use examples from the text to “show” the reader how Moore employs those themes in his story. The essay will also explain the importance of the themes. Why are they important? How they are related? How they are related to issues that society faces today? Etc.

Themes Present in The Other Wes Moore.
● Education
● Systemic Oppression
● Racism
● Violence
● Family
● Love
● Childhood
● Broadening Perspective

What the instructor will be looking for
This essay will be evaluated using the following criteria
-Does the essay follow the instructions in the prompt? (including MLA format requirements) -Does the essay have a clear thesis statement?
-Does the essay have a clear topic sentence?
-Does the essay have supporting evidence from the book(s)?
-Is the essay organized in a clear, logical manner?
-Is the essay free of major grammatical errors, typos?

Formatting and Length Requirements:
Length 3 to 4 pages (800-1200 words)
Font Times New Roman or Calibri (12 or 11-point font size respectively)
Format MLA (See for MLA guidelines