The Saints and the Roughnecks

The Saints and the Roughnecks (50 points) Google for additional resources: (cut and past to search engine) [Good source of theoretical concepts.] There are several ways to complete thought responses to articles and other written materials. Follow these guidelines: Mandatory: After researching the Saints and the Roughnecks, discuss the connections between the articles you find and relevant sociological theories and perspectives discussed in the textbook( Introduction to Sociology Rizter and Murphy). Make 3 direct connections to theories, perspectives, and other important concepts discussed. These connections must be explicit. 8 points each = 24 points In an additional paragraph, personally relate your life experience to themes and situations and social issues described in the articles and/or written materials. When making these connections, be sure to incorporate sociological principles/theories into your discussions. 5 points In an additional paragraph: From a sociological perspective (i.e. Symbolic Interactionist), or other theory discussed in the textbook (i.e. sexism, racism, differential association, exchange, frustration-aggression, interaction, labeling, conflict and/or functional, etc.), critique the articles or written material you chose. Do not simply regurgitate the articles or written material, or make observations without relating them to appropriate sociological concepts. It is neither useful for improving critical thinking skills, nor acquiring and developing an understanding of the world from the sociological perspectives. There are no set right or wrong answers. Thought responses are a creative endeavor in which no two students’ reactions to an article will be identical. Explore your own views about important social concepts through these responses. 5 points Your response should be 3 Pages minimum-double-spaced-1″ margins all around-standard 12 pt font-left justified: You will be docked for spelling, grammar, flow, organizational, structural, transitional problems, etc. Make sure you list the sources and references you use for your research. 16 points