Theorising childhood essay


Apply theoretical understandings of childhood and discrimination to critically explore a service or programme for children and young people, and children’s participation within this setting. (3500 words)
Essay Assessment Guidance
This is a broad topic for a written assignment to allow you to choose a focus which suits your interests. You are being asked to consider how understandings of children and childhood influence the services provided for them and their opportunities to participate in service development and provision.
Things to consider:
• What understandings of children and childhood underpin practices within this service or setting?
• Why do these dominate – are there conflicting ideas influencing practice?
• How do ideas about children affect their ability to be active agents in the services we provide for/with them?
• Are different children affected in different ways by these ideas?

*Please show on the completion of the essay that students should be able to:

1. Critically analyse dominant theories of children and childhood demonstrating how different conceptions of childhood are expressed in policy and/or practice.

2. Critically evaluate conceptions of children’s rights and children/young people’s participation in policy and/or practice designed for them;

3. Critically analyse a policy, practice or service for children/young people in terms of its capacity to address commonality and difference between groups of children and young people, and to challenge discrimination.

4. Show advanced academic skills in locating and critiquing relevant resources.