Theory and Practice of Leadership

You need to justify why these four features would contribute to being an effective leader drawing on your understanding of leadership theory.

For each feature, explain WHY you chose this as one of your key features (e.g., why, as a leader, would being inspiring be important) and how it is consistent with the theories selected.

Remember that there is no right answer. What I am looking for is how you argue your choices with evidence from theory and research. The essay is designed to tap into the essence of leadership theory using strong academic evidence which is applied practically.

You can use whatever models and theories you like from the term 1 content. Avoid using more than two features of a given theory or model (i.e. I do not want you to just describe the four key dimensions of transformational leadership).

You also have the option to include personal reflection to support your arguments. Please note however that this is an optional addition and should only make up a small part of your assignment (i.e., preference should be given to theory and research) 

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