Therapy takes problem gamblers to the brink and back in virtual reality casinos

 Written assignment: Students are asked to prepare a report (maximum length 5 pages; 12 point Times New Roman, double spaced, 1 inch margins) on a newspaper article that describes a published research paper on gambling. A significant part of this exercise lies in searching for, and identifying, an appropriate article. This is an important transferable skill. We will discuss article selection further in class. Selection of articles: i) The newspaper article must cite the research paper, in a way that the research paper can be located in its published form (e.g. on PubMed or GoogleScholar). The research paper must have been published in a journal. Government reports, prevalence surveys, blogposts, are not acceptable. ii) The research paper should be an original article, not a review or opinion piece. This means that the original article must have generated some new experimental data. iii) The research paper should have been published since 2010. iv) Newspaper articles should have been published (online) in a reputable news outlet e.g. New York Times, BBC, CBC, Vancouver Sun, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, Globe and Mail, The Guardian. The article should have been written by a journalist; please do not choose articles on science websites like and, which simply paraphrase university press releases. Part of the purpose of this exercise is for students to evaluate the journalist’s interpretation of the research. v) The newspaper article and research paper should be relevant to the content of the course: the psychology of gambling, decision-making, problem gambling, behavioural addictions. Begin searching for suitable articles by entering terms like ‘gambling’ ‘psychology’ ‘research’ in search engines on some of the news sites. The written assignment is scheduled after the midterm exam (see dates in the Lecture and Reading Schedule). One lecture will give an overview of the objectives and requirements of the written assignment. The newspaper article and research paper should be uploaded (as pdfs) to Canvas by start of class on 29 Oct. The Instructor/TA will inform students of any ineligible articles by 1 Nov. Students are welcome to email the Instructor links to the articles ahead of the deadline to get provisional approval – if you do this, please take a copy (pdf or screenshot) of my reply and upload it with your article submission in Canvas. The deadline for the Report is start of class on Nov 14; Reports should be uploaded to Canvas.