There is no hope for perfect research





There is no hope for perfect research

Research is the periodic analysis of different topics that is important to the development of a particular area of study. The conduction of research is essential in that it provides more innovative methods that are more effective than the previous ones. As a student who intends to become a professional in a respected area of study. It is t therefore essential for me to equip myself with the correct method of research so that my work can be credible. The notion that there is no credible research has taken centre stage due to the fabricated research that is produced in present day. It is thus ideal for student to identify between perfect research and fabricated research.

The purpose of this paper is to provide an opinion on the notion that states that there is no hope for perfect research. The paper provides evidence of two credible papers that prove the existence of perfect research. It then provides a concluding paragraph that summarizes the whole paper by making recommendations on the way forward.

Muscular dystrophy: hope through research

Research can be conducted on any topic that is of use to the education of the society. Medicine is one of the areas that require intensive research so as to find new cures that are important to the health of the society. One of the latest forms of research is on muscular dystrophy; this type of research involves the research of genetics and its role in its contribution of cell degeneration. When conducting research on such a sensitive topic, it is vital to monitor the technique in which one applies during the process. This research was conducted using patients who had different genetic modifications. This was essential so as to consider the different genetic variances in each patient. The results showed that the application of muscular dystrophy increased the chances of survival for majority of the patients who underwent the procedure (National institute of health, p. 23).

The brain is the basis of the of cognitive and social movement

Another subject that has been accustomed to a number of researches is psychology. Psychology deals with the study of the mind of the human being. It is vital to provide credible research in that most of the new innovations because they are practical on individuals. Cognitive psychology is one of the principle topics that make up the basics of the subject. The latest form of research concerning cognitive psychology involves the relationship between the brain and its role in processing information. Although this sounds like a common topic, tremendous progress has been made which involves gauging the personality of a person to the time they take to process newly registered information. The participants who took part in this research were 200 in number. They were randomly selected from different communities so as to remove the bias that is associated with surveys. The results of the research were uniform in that majority of the participants responded positively to the analysis (Carver, p. 22).

In conclusion, research is essential for the discovery of new ideologies. These new ideas assist the researchers in determining a particular type of theory. Over the years, majority of the research has been fabricated due to the lack of accountability. Despite this, the notion that there is no hope for perfect research is an exaggeration. Through the provision of the two examples, I maintain my stance on the opposition of this notion thus stating that there is indeed perfect research.


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