Thermofluids and Propulsion systems

Each group selects one propulsion type from the list below (in principle) and
identify an existing aerospace application powered by the selected class of propulsion :
So I already selected Turbofan engine.
Aircraft: Boeing 767-400
Engine of this aircraft: PW4000

The Criteria:

– Identify and outline the features of the selected application particularly from the propulsion perspective as well as the limitations and potential issues associated with the propulsion technology (by using bullet points if appropriate). These features and limitations will serve as the focal point of your technology research project.


– Cite all information (e.g., text, image, table) from existing credible resources as appropriate.
-Include at least 10 items with appropriate citations (add numbering to the items in the list).
– Referenced items must sum up to at least 10 points, based on the scoring rule below:
o Technical reports, journal articles, book chapters – 2 points
o Conference papers – 1 point
o Internet article, other sources – 0.5 point

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