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This Is It Soul Food

This Is It Soul Food is undoubtedly one of Houston’s most popular restaurants. Patrons flock to the establishment every single day of the week to enjoy traditionally black cuisines which remind many of their histories. The restaurant also provides all visitors with the opportunity to learn about new kinds of food that may not be common for them. This Is It Soul Food has been around for more than fifty years and remains popular with all kinds of people from celebrities, politicians, locals to tourists. Visiting the restaurant is a chance for people to enjoy delectable dishes as well as celebrate the history of the restaurant.

Frank and Mattie Jones started This Is It Soul Food in Houston’s Third Ward in the year 1959. Frank was inspired by his mother’s passion for food. During his younger days, his mother would cook for boarders at her premises, who included famous names such as jazziest, Louis Armstrong. When Frank and Mattie set up their business, it was a simple A-frame, but it has grown to a thriving business recognized in the Houston community. Craig Joseph, the founding couple’s grandson, currently runs the establishment in the Third Ward.

A diverse range of customers flocks to the restaurant for its culinary delights. In past years, the restaurant only opened for three days a week to serve lunch, but as it grew more popular, demand increased. Today, it opens seven days a week for all meals, except for Sunday when there is no breakfast served. Residents of the neighbourhood, politicians, tourists, professionals and other customers all visit the restaurant every day. There is a wide variety of food offered in the restaurant including braised oxtail, fried catfish, smothered chicken, pork chops, mac and cheese, banana pudding, among many other delights. This Is It is a historical landmark for the African-American community in Houston and a welcoming place for residents and neighbours alike.

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