This paper gives an analysis of American Hunger in relation to Richard Wrights background.





American Hunger


This paper gives an analysis of American Hunger in relation to Richard Wright’s background. It does this by comparing the relationship between these celebrated autobiographies to the life experiences of this legendary African American revolutionary writer. American Hunger was written by this author and published I the year 1945 by Harper and Brothers Publishers. In this book, Wright explores his childhood experiences in the southern American territory before relocating to Chicago, New York and Paris where meets new people who would later determine his future. As he recounts, his experiences in Chicago as an African American makes him realize the plights of this minority immigrant group. Even after changing his political affiliation by joining the Communist Party, he still faces a lot of challenges which eventually compels him to join a different kind of revolution.

As was established, this was a true representation of the events he faced during his life time. At the beginning, he records on his childhood and discusses about the kind of family he was brought up into. It is true that his father was an irresponsible man who had disserted them. Therefore, he had to be cared for by his ailing mother, conservative granny, uncles and ants. Later, he went to school and excelled in his exams. This exposed him to the rest of the world because he would later venture into job seeking. After landing into his first job, he realized that it was extremely difficult to cope up in the racial American society. Later, he decided to join the Communist Party before being forced to withdraw membership to join writing through which he would liberate the oppressed African Americans.

All the information recorded in this autobiography was influenced by Wright’s life. After having such a turbulent childhood, he was to face the extremely racial South American society. Later, he decided to relocate to the north before joining the Communist Party and travelling across the whole world in the pursuit for political revolution.

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