To describe a student-relevant problem and propose a solution using a strategy from Cialdini.

You must choose a problem from the options in this problem pool. 1. Binge drinking and norms of “blacking-out” 2. Texting while driving 3. Negative effects of technology (e.g., computers, tablets and smartphones) on attention, learning and performance. 4. Demeaning and occasionally physically dangerous initiation and hazing rituals 5. Academic cheating on tests and papers 6. Low oral participation in classes (especially large classes) 7. Unhealthy diets (e.g., hamburgers, fries, pizza, chicken nuggets, candies, cookies, etc.) 8. Procrastination (e.g., studying for exams, doing term papers, doing reading assignments) 9. Anxiety, worry and stress due to fear of getting a poor grade, competition, reading/homework/term paper assignments, deadlines, test anxiety, etc.