To what extent can the granting of Indian independence in 1947 be attributed to the success of nationalist agitation?

You are being asked to answer your chosen question and to provide a well-researched and well-reasoned argument to back up this answer.  This should be based on the analysis of a range of secondary source material relevant to your question.  You can also include primary material if you wish (this in itself will not secure a higher grade, but evidence of a broad range of reading, and reflection upon this reading, will).  Think critically: your secondary sources should not simply be mined for information, you must also be able to comment on the perspective of the author, their place within the historiography, and their selection and use of source material (and thus whether you find their argument convincing or not, and why you have decided to refer to them in your essay). 

Please ensure that you provide a structure for your argument (each key point/ theme needs a new paragraph), and that you indicate what your overall argument is from the beginning. Make sure that you keep the focus upon the question, and that each of your points develops your argument (and tell us how it answers the question).  Use the conclusion to demonstrate how each of your key points reinforce each other and contribute to your final answer

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