treating bipolar disorder

Question. “Which modality of psychotherapy is most effective for treating bipolar disorder in women?”.

Consider cognitive behavior therapy, Interpersonal therapy, social rhythm therapy, and family focused therapy.

Cognitive behavioral therapy and dialectical behavior therapy have historically been the go to treatments for bipolar disorder–HOWEVER–a different treatment approach may also be effective and this is why looking at the literature (research articles) will help you understand what has been shown effective.


Term search. Discuss the specific terms you used in your search. You should identify at least 4 terms. What search engine did you use for your search? Did you try more than one? Which one was most helpful?  How many entries did you find? (12 points)


Connection between question and terms. What did you find? How did the terms you found connect to the question/issue you were searching? How many entries were relevant to your client? (12 points)


APA format. Title page, abstract, body of paper, and references in APA format. (9 points)

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