Treatment of Mentally Disabled.

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will write an essay of 5 pages addressing the following: – Treatment of Mentally Disabled: This novel was written in the 1960s, when it was more common to put individuals who are mentally disabled in homes like the Warren Home. Research the changes in attitudes and treatment of individuals with mental disabilities. – How are people with mental and learning disabilities treated now compared to how they used to be treated? i.e. Charlie and people like him. – What is the role of intelligence in human life? Based on your research do you believe that intelligence is the primary indicator of how successful people can be? Give examples. While researching this topic This essay will reflect your understanding of Flowers for Algernon. Whenever possible, you are required to directly quote from the novel. You are also to use a minimum of 5 Outside Sources.  This is her essay, whatever she already started and submitted as a FIRST draft. Please take her existing essay, and work with it and make it beautiful.